Monday, 29 August 2011

23 Rainbow Reaper Teaser - 29th August 2011

Hey guys,

The rainbow reaper has been spotted top-side! This is NOT good!

He can appear anywhere out of the shadows and he steals your dreams to keep himself alive! In return you are left plagued by an eternity of nightmares!

Eye witnesses have given us a drawing of his swirling rainbow eyes and pointed rainbow fangs and claws! The creature has a long rainbow strand tail and can change his thick black fur coat to any colour of the rainbow at any given moment!

No-one is safe! Look out- if you see him- RUN!!!

A swirling rainbow eye- according to our witness!

A rainbow Claw/Fang image according to our source!

Rainbow Tail strands!

The creatures normal black fur and some blue fur!
Fiery Red fur! We hope it can't blow fire!

Purple Fur caught in a tree cage!
More Tail strands!

Take care shadows! We may see more of this creature when the darker nights come in this winter!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love



Wednesday, 17 August 2011

22 Carrot Tree 17th August 2011

Hey Shadow peeps,

Sorry it's been a while! Hope you all like my new yarnbomb! I'm fed up looking at orange wool!!!!! lol!

This yarnbomb was installed mid-day in broad daylight during the Edinburgh Festival!

I felt like a Ninja installing it!

Hope you all like: The Carrot Tree!

Keep an eye out for the bunny rabbits gathering to worship the tree!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love