Monday, 27 February 2012

32 Flutterbomb - 27th February 2012

Hey Shadows,

How are you all doing? Enjoying spring? I saw my first butterfly today! She was fluttering around inside Tinderbox Cafe in Glasgow. Thankfully I managed to get a few pictures of her! I named her Flutterbomb- I hope you all like her!

Doesn't she look happy?

See you all soon!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love.



Monday, 13 February 2012

31 Valentines Day - 13th February 2012

Hey Shadows!

Love is in the air! I'm doing this bomb the night before so that the city can wake up to a romantic Valentine's Day!

I hope you all like it!

I love my wee sparkly heart tag too!

I hope you all have a nice romantic day!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love.



Friday, 3 February 2012

30 Heart Necklace (Gilding The City) - 3rd February 2012


This next project was another request from @Sayraphim on twitter who requested that I make something for her project Gilding The City (check out the website : ).

I decided to fuse the two ideas together: Gilging The City and Yarnbombing and made a necklace from a piece of simple jewellery and yarn. I'm rather pleased with the results and hope that you like it too!

I left this in quite a noticable location and was surprised that it was still there on my way home in the evening!

If you are the lucky girl to find it, please post pictures!

Well, I'm off to knit some Valentine's Day projects.

Shadow, Sunshine, Love.