Monday, 24 September 2012

48 Snaily - 24th September 2012

Hey guys!

Sorry it's been a while! I'm busy working on lots of projects at the moment- most importantly : The Yarnvent Calendar 2012!

I decided to make a wee something to put out this month. I started knitting with my new neon wool (which is awesome) and I wasn't sure what to create. Half way through I decided perhaps a pole cover? Then a caterpillar? Finally an idea hit me- a snail! Then the unexpected happened. I fell in love with it. Lesson learned- don't give a yarnbomb cute little eyes.

So here he is in all his glory! I present "Snaily". I hope you all love him as much as I do and I promise there will be a real yarnbomb soon for Halloween.

Isn't he adorable???!!!
As promised, a Halloween yarnbomb will follow very soon!
Also this month, I set up my first ever shop, ShadowStitchDesigns- please take a wee look for some Shadow_Stitch and Yarnvent Calendar 2012 merchandise!
Also, if you haven't yet, please join The Official Yarnvent Calendar Page:
Shadow, Sunshine, Love.