Monday, 21 May 2012

39 Fairy Drops - 21st May 2012

Hey Shadows!

Sorry it's been a while! This is just a quick mini yarnbomb that I hope you all like and you may learn something too!

Did you all know how fairies are born?

Legend has it that little droplets appear in trees during the night and after a few days they burst open and create a fairy! The colour of the droplet determines the colour of the fairy wings!

How exciting???

Below you can see two fairy drops, a little pink one and a little blue one, hanging side by side.

The fairies appear to have burst out of the droplets and are now probably living in the trees or tall grasses near by.

If your out and about in Edinburgh, keep your eyes peeled in the gardens, you might just see the mysterious Blue and Pink fairies one day!

Hope you all enjoy!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love.


Saturday, 5 May 2012

38 Electra Heart Yarnstorm - 5th May 2012

Hey Guys!

Recently I have became obsessed with Marina & The Diamonds and her new album "Electra Heart" is an awesome body of work!

I really wanted to do something to promote the album, like I did this time last year in project 8 for Simon Curtis!

So I decided to knit 16 hearts - 1 for each track on the album! I made 8 black hearts, marking the signature heart on Electra's cheek. I then made 8 hearts in a Bubblegum (Bitch!) Pink colour to reflect the albums imagery/colourscape for the promotion!

To finish the campaign off and make a bigger statement. I took reference from the song "Teen Idle" that opens with "I wanna be a bottle blonde..." and made an Electra-esque Bottle Blonde hairpiece and hairband. I then finished this off with a Bubblegum Bubble referencing opening track "Bubblegum Bitch" and put both pieces on a statue near the heart yarnstorm.

I hope you all like! The support from Marina & The Diamonds fanpages/accounts has been outstanding!

Let's get "Electra Heart" to number 1! An amazingly crafted album of dark lyrics over sugary pop beats, dark moments, happy moments, love, heartbreak- Marina has a way with words and the voice to carry them off! Please do check it out!

"Electra Heart" Album Sampler

I really hope you all enjoyed this yarnbomb! If you like the songs, go support Marina and buy the album! It truly is AMAZING!

I'll leave you now with my favourite track performed acoustically! DAM that girl can sing!

See you all soon!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love.