Thursday, 1 December 2011

28 The Yarnvent Calendar - 1st to 24th December 2011

Hey guys!

I hope you all like my new yarnbomb - The Yarnvent Calendar!

I have been working on this for the past few months and I am sooooo excited that it is finally here!

Throughout the month of December, from 1st to 24th, I will be yarnbombing some Christmas Yarnbombs in Edinburgh to cheer up the city and spread the festive cheer! Perhaps you will find them and keep them, or maybe you'll give them as a gift to someone special! Let me know if you find one!

This is an event that I started and I am trying to promote and get as many people involved in as possible!

Here is a link to The Yarnvent Calendar Official Facebook page:!/pages/The-Yarnvent-Calendar/259755407382028

Please take a wee look and 'like' to show your support! Also get involved if you can! Perhaps help us spread the word or perhaps yarnbomb some things yourself!

This post will be updated as each day goes by to show the progress of The Yarnvent Calendar!

I hope you all enjoy them and get the Christmas feeling!

Day 1 - Three Christmas Bows
Red, Cream & Green bows left on post for Castle Hill - I wonder if it's on the way
to Santa's Workshop?

Day 2 - Xmas Pudding Jar
Left in the alcove of the window at Starbucks on the Royal Mile, Edinburgh.

Day 3 - Xmas Fairy
A wee Christmas Fairy left on the railings at Princes Street Gardens outside the Christmas Market.

Day 4 - Snowman in Christmas Tree
My wee snowman left in the Christmas tree at tollcross. Today was the first day we got some snow in Edinburgh so it was meant to be!

Day 5 - Candy Cane
A wee Candy Cane tied to a tree in St. Andrews Square. Snowflakes started to
fall just after I walked away! I really hope it snows tonight! :)

Day 6 - Falling Snow
Well this was an adventure!!!
I was meant to have the snow falling across the street with an archway behind it. The Plan was to tie one end to the 4 railings on the 4th floor of a car park and tie the other end to a weight to throw across to a tree - thus making the snow drops suspended in mid-air.

My test project with an onion went great, however when I tried the real thing with all the snowballs added it was too heavy and they fell short and got tangled up!

I got very strange looks as I scrammbled to rescue them, ran home, de-tangled them and found them a new home in Princes Street Gardens.

I feel that they belong there- it's very Nightmare Before Christmas looking!

Day 7 - Festive Wreath
A Festive Wreath on a tree in Princes Street Gardens! I really wanted to keep this!

Day 8 - Candle in a Jar
Toady I left a wee candle in a jar on thw window ledge of Starbucks on Lothian Road.
It's been very windy today! I hope it survived!

Day 9 - Yarn Ball Xmas Tree
Some nice wee balls of yarn stacked up to make a Christmas Tree with added sparkle of course!

Day 10 - Red Robin
YAY!!!! Soooooo excited because it snowed in Edinburgh this morning!!!
This has made my wee Red Robin Yarnbomb look soooo festive!
I hope the snow stays! It makes everything look pretty and xmassy!

Day 11  - Xmas Pom-Pom Twig Tree in a Jar
Aaaawww! A wee twig tree has blossomed some pom-poms to get into the Christmas spirit!

Day 12 - Mince Pie
A wee mince pie, inspired by a fan when I asked on twitter what I
should make for The Yarnvent Calendar!

 Day 13 - Evergreen Pom-Poms in a Jar
I left 5 little Evergreen Pom-Poms in a Jar for someone to hang on their tree!
I thought it was a cute idea and may do some more of these in different variations.

Day 14 - Red Wreath
It was sooo windy today!!!! It almost blew away while I was securing it to the tree!
I hope you like the wee Red Wreath! Check out the back of Edinburgh Castle in the background!

Day 15 - Tinsel Tree in Jar
I hope you all like my wee Tinsel Tree in a Jar!
Perhaps the Pom-Pom Twig tree in a Jar fomo Day 11 blossomed into this!

Day 16 - Sparkly Pom-Pom Garland
I love this wee garland! It's sooo cute even if I do say so myself!
I really hope it ends up in a nice home for Christmas!

Day 17 - Candy Cane Pom-Poms
A wee jar of Candy Cane pom-poms for someone to put on their tree!
Rather fittingly, I left it under the xmas tree for a lucky person to find!

Day 18 - Elf Scarf
Oh no! It looks like one of Santa's Elves lost his scarf whilst getting the letters for Santa!

Day 19 - Pom-Pom Fairy Lights
I LOVE these!!!!
I'm gonna have to make some for myself.
I hope you all like them!

Day 20 - Mistletoe
Some sparkly Mistletoe! Pucker up for a xmas kiss!

Day 21 - Mini Wreath on Window
I'm only going to say this once so pay attention.
Sucker hooks are AWESOME!!!!
Attach to back of yarnbomb, smack onto a window, Done!
I left this one at Starbucks on Lothian Road, Edinburgh.

Day 22 - Icy Pom-Poms
Some wee blue, white and purple icy pom-poms for someone to find and hang on their tree!

Day 23 - Snowball Baubles
Some wee wound-up yarn snowball baubles for someones tree!

Day 24 - Night Before Christmas Mouse
I think this may be my favourite yarnbomb I have EVER done!
Unfortunately, the wee mouse was sooo sleepy that he couldn't leave my house!
Try as I may he wouldn't budge and he settled down infront of some
gingerbread men and is fast asleep waiting for Santa to come!

Let's not wake him up!

Day 25 - BONUS - Swans with Cosy Scarfs
A Christmas Day bonus yarnbomb to finish off The Yarnvent Calendar!

I hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas and I look forward to making more things for
The Yarnvent Calendar 2012 next year!

Merry 'Yarn'mas!

Shadow,Sunshine, Love.