Saturday, 11 June 2011

14 Yarnstory - Girl 1st Edition 11th June 2011

My 1st ever Yarnstory!!! Sooo exciting!!!

This is the first edition: complete with handwritten golden tags!

Yarnstory is something I created to help merge my love of creative writing and my love of yarnbombing! A unique project that I'm very proud of and keen to explore further!
Hope everyone enjoys!

A single tear runs down her cheek as she fixes the bow in her hair.
She knows she can’t go back.

She casts her mind back to happier times, sitting in the meadow eating strawberries.
These were the days she longed for.

All she has left now are the nightmares. Black fragments of shattered dreams.
Dreams that she had once lived for.

How she longed to go back.  To live in the good times.
Back before her heart had turned as cold as ice.

She looked down at the flowers beneath her feet.  She knew it was over.
It would never be the same again.

She unties her bow and lets the red ribbon blow away in the wind.
A new beginning. A new start. A new life.

I really hope you all enjoyed my yarnstory!!!!!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love



Friday, 10 June 2011

13 Giraffe Project 11th June 2011

Well, the plan was to make giraffe leg warmers for the giant giraffe statues outside the Omni Centre in Edinburgh. I sat up until 3am to complete these, dashed off to bed then woke up at 5am to go and put the yarnbombs on the Giraffes!

I got there and decided to stitch the yarnbombs onto the legs- this was the first time I've done this, I normally attach things with pipe cleaners! Just as I finished and took a photo, security appeared and made me remove the leg warmers as I didn't have permission to put them there!!! Soooooo gutted!!! I Worked so hard and they looked amazing!!!

No amount of pleading let me keep them there so I had to take them down and I re-housed them on the way home! At least I managed to get a picture!

Hope you guys like them!

All's well that ends well I suppose!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love