Wednesday, 9 November 2011

27 Scruffy Autumnal Pom-Poms - 9th November 2011

Hey guys,

Hope you are all enjoying the darker nights! It's fantastic for yarnbombing- I don't have to wait until after midnight for it to be dark like in summer!

This next project is for 21 days to Yarnbomb Event 2011.

I couldn't manage to yarnbomb for the 21 days as I'm busy working on The Yarnvent Calendar which launches soon - EEEEEK! Instead I opted to make 21 scruffy pom-poms in nice autumnal colours!

I hope you enjoy- they look quite cute on the tree - I wish all leaves were as vivid as this!


I hope all you guys like them!

Next stop, The Yarnvent Calendar! I can't believe it's just around the corner! Gonna start shouting from the rooftops to make it a success and spread that Christmas cheer!

If you can, please share the link to the official Facebook page!

Thanks very much shadows!!!!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love