Monday, 18 April 2011

02 Yarn Party Weekend 15 - 18th April 2011

Hey guys,

Hope you like my yarnbombs for Yarn Party Weekend!!!

The idea was just to get some more yarnbombs out there to promo Shadow_Stitch and I thought a few party inspired yarnbombs seemed fun!

I decided to do this mainly in Edinburgh but ventured to Glasgow for the green candy bomb.

Green Candy Yarn Bomb outside GoMA shop in Glasgow!

Yarn Party Blower on Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Yarn Party Popper on Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Yarn Cake on Princes Street, Edinburgh.

Well that's all! Hope you guys like them! I'm just new to all this so feedback is greatly appreciated! I had great fun making these!

Well, I'm off for a piece of cake- yum yum!

Until next time,

Shadow, Sunshine, Love

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