Sunday, 8 April 2012

36 Easter Carrot & Chick - 8th April 2012

Hey Guys!

I hope you all have a great EASTER!

This was a last minute project as I realised time had slipped away from me and I had nothing made for an Easter yarnbomb.

The Easter Bunny has been so busy delivering eggs for everyone that she lost one of her favourite carrots! Thankfully her friend fluffy chicken has loctaed it and is standing guard until she can return to collect it!

I hope you all like it!

Check back tomorrow for my 1st Birthday Yarnbomb!

Tomorrow Shadow_Stitch will be 1 years old! A whole year of yarnbombing!

I cannot believe it!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love.




  1. Hallo! there I was, and what did I see but an Easter carrot! And a chick! I'd never stood on that spot before. Well, I assume I take it, look up the blog and leave it somewhere else for others to enjoy? So I left chick on guard while I popped home with carrot...lovely to see its picture here! Will pop it somewhere else shadowy to surprise someone....big thanks!!!!! Rachel

  2. It's me again, could you please let the Easter bunny and guarding chick know in case they're worried, that the exquisite fluffy carrot is safe and sound and on its way to the West coast for a few days! The West coast of Scotland that is. It will return, with photos. Thanks! Byeeee! Rachel in Edinburgh.

  3. Hi Rachel! WOW! That's soooo exciting!!!! If you're on facebook you can follow me here: and post pics for us all to see! That'd be awesome! :) x

  4. Hi again! Back from a trip up north (not west - long story!) and I have a pic or 2 to post but where and how? I'm on do I post on your page? Do i need to be FB friends with you? That's fine - just to know. Hey an amazing thing happened - I call it synchroknitcity - for what did I find on the beach at Loch Rannoch? At my feet? In yellow knit? will tell you more....cheers! Rachel