Thursday, 14 July 2011

19 Pink Candy - Tree Of Happiness 14th July 2011

Hey Shadows!

Hope you all enjoyed yesterdays yarnbombs and the lovely weather we had too! It was a lovely day to go exploring for them hehe! I hear the Katy Perry I-pod was gone by mid-day??!!

Anyway, today we have a Pink Candy Tree Of Happiness that is especially for a Shadow follower (@X_pinkcandy_x on twitter) who kindly asked me to knit her some Pink Candy a very long time ago. More recently she exclaimed that she would really like some Sunshine and Love, so here it is! Hope she likes and that the rest of you enjoy too!

As I said, I hope you all enjoy and perhaps go a stroll to look for it in the Gardens. Perhaps you'll also see yesterdays ShadowHeart, SunshineHeart and LoveHeart yarnbomb! It looks like another lovely day so I'm off to enjoy it!

See you all soon - still working away on the next few projects!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love



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