Sunday, 24 July 2011

20 Along Came A Spider 25th July 2011

Hello Shadows!

Say hello to my ickle spider! He's been dwelling in my house and when I seen him I got such a fright that I let out a scream! This scared Mr. Spider away and he fled to Princes Street Gardens! I suppose he now knows how Little Miss Muffet felt- only she's now too scared to visit the gardens!

Anyway, when you get to know him he's not that bad, he's actually very friendly! Why don't you go visit him and say "Hi!" - he's hanging in his new favourite tree admiring the squirrels and watching us lot go about our day to day business!

Hope you enjoy!

AWW! I love him!

See you all soon!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love




  1. Squee! I love it! I made a similar spidey/web yarnbomb in Glebe in Australia about two months ago.

  2. I saw him! I saw him!! So glad I was on the bus today as he's not on my driving route. I gave him a little wave and I'm sure he waved back...

  3. nadiwoo - that is soooo cute! Perhaps they are long lost cousins!!!!

    Katherine - I know for a fact he would've waved back! I trained him to do so before he left me!!! :)

  4. love it...i live in Arizona & would love to make some spiders to put around town.....