Friday, 4 October 2013

52 The Fluffle Bug - 4th October 2013

Hey shadows,

It's been an awful long time since I last posted!

Sorry about that, you see, it's not been my fault!

I've been unable to create any yarn bombs as all my wool keeps going missing! 

Finally, I found out why........... The Fluffle Bug!

Fluffle Bugs are little creatures that hide in the shadows, with round orange eyes that glow brighter than the sun with a fiery glow!

They love all things creative, and sparkly and cute! They are mischievous wee creatures and like to keep things for themselves as collectables!

Their lairs are full of odd buttons, balls of yarn, sequins, old pennies, missing earrings, ribbons, lollipop get the idea!

You can imagine my surprise when I found one nestled away in my stash of wool! the poor wee thing got such a fright that it ran into the shadows and scurried all the way home to its magnificent topiary palace!

Thankfully, I managed to get a few pictures! 

Who knows? Maybe we will see more Fluffle Bugs around our homes? 

Anyway, now that my stash has been returned and I've checked everything is there I'm off to focus on my very exciting Halloween projects and also to make a start on The Yarnvent Calendar 2013!

See you all soon,

Shadow, Sunshine, Love,


x x x

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