Thursday, 31 October 2013

53 Halloween 2013

Hey shadows,

Happy halloween!!!

I hope you are all enjoying trick or treating!

Last year, I was unable to post my Halloween yarnbombs, so I've posted them this year and I've made a new halloween treat for this year too!

Hope you like, here's last years creations: 

Black Pumpkin


I hope they were worth the wait!

And now, one of my favourite yarnbombs, specially for Halloween 2013!

A Spooky Halloween Light Up Wreath!!!

It's so cute: the perfect nightmare before christmas!

Bringing me onto my next point, The Yarnvent Calendar 2013 is coming!!!

I'm already going wreath mad again as everyone last year liked them so much!

Well, I better get creating, only 30 days to go!

I hope you'll all be joining in:

Take a wee look and follow the journey!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love,


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