Friday, 20 May 2011

08 Simon Curtis 8bit heart yarnstorm London 14th May 2011

Hey Guys!!! It's finally here!!! After weeks and weeks of planning, i'm very proud to present: 8bit heart yarnstorm!

This project was intended to promote Simon Curtis' album 8bit heart (which you can download for free at and was installed at the venue for his debut London gig on May 14th.

Simon himself loved the yarn hearts and he also loved his special present!

Also performing at the gig were Ro Danishei and Andrea Lewis. I made little presents for them too to promote their albums both of which are free on their websites. (Ro Danishei - End of the Rainbow [ ] & Andrea Lewis - 5,4,3,2,1. [ ] )

A present was also made for Raj at Electroqueer who arranged the gig! ( )

Lastly, are running a competition to win one of my yarn hearts, all you have to do is purchase Simon Curtis' new single "Superhero" from iTunes and send them a picture to be in with a chance!!!

Hope you like them all!

Enjoy pics below:
30 hearts for Simon Curtis gig!
Outside venue at The Workshop.

"Superhero" on iTunes worldwide now! Please support if you like it! Go have a listen!
Free album "8bit heart" available now on
Yarn promo tags!

"8bit heart" yarn heart for Simon Curtis.
"End of the Rainbow" yarn heart for Ro Danishei.
"Voodoo" yarn heart for Andrea Lewis.
EQ yarn heart for Raj at Electroqueer.
AAW! Altogether now!!!

I hope you guys have enjoyed these as much as I enjoyed making them!!!

Remember, if you buy Simon Curtis "Superhero" from iTunes, (Amazing electro pop that makes you wanna stand up, dance and fight for who you are: a SUPERHERO!!!) you can enter to win a yarn heart from

Thanks guys,

Shadow, Sunshine, Love,




  1. I am dead I am dead! hearts are my favorite!!!!

  2. Look out for Yarnstory coming soon then and more hearts to follow for release of Simon Curtis R∆