Wednesday, 25 May 2011

11 Disasters & Delights 25th May 2011


This post stemmed from leftovers and disasters from other projects and ideas!

Some were just disasters, other turned out to be delights!

Hope you enjoy!

A wee pink candy on corner of Lothian Road/Princes Street.

A yellow bobble flower at the entrance to Princes Street Gardens.

A wee bracelet left on Princes Street.

A pink flower left on a green man crossing on Princes Street.

A small red heart left on a statue at the top of Princes Street Gardens.

A Hooded Pom Pom Flower left on railings on Princes Street.

I hope you all like. I'm busy working on projects for International Yarnbombing Day on 11th June! Hopefully will be doing 3 projects including my new concept: Yarnstorys!!!

Look out for it soon! You can check Facebook and Twitter for teaser posts on Part 1 and Part 2 of Yarnstory.

Shadow, Sunshine, Love.



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