Friday, 20 May 2011

10 Yarncake Canadian Roadtrip May/June 2011

Hey Guys,

This is AWESOME!!!

A wonderful lady named Shona Boardman found my little yarncake on Princes Street in Edinburgh and has decided to take it on a Canadian Roadtrip! I am soooooo excited!

Here  is what Shona has to say:
So one day about a month ago, I was wandering along Princes Street on a Sunday evening and I found this little knitted cake on the fence along Princes Street gardens. Someone had made it and had placed it there early that morning. I took it off the fence and read the label and went home and logged on to the website that was written on the label. And I discovered that someone knits these little gems and then places them in different spots for the sole reason to brighten someone's day. So the knitted cake is on a journey across a good part of Canada. I will leave it somewhere and hopefully someone else will find it and take it on more travels...”
A massive thank you to Shona!

Hope you like:

The Farewell kiss!
Left for a passing stranger!!!
All tucked up ready to surprise the world again!!!

A massive MASSIVE Thank You to Shona!!!!!! This has been EPIC!!!! So proud that my wee yarncake got the chance to travel the world! Who knows? Maybe we shall hear from him again in the future! I certainly hope so!

Shadow, Sunshine, Love



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  1. Love it thats Awesome hope your Cake has a great Vacation in Canada